Godan: Self-sufficiency through cow-based farming

Sevavardhini    17-Jul-2023
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Cow-based farming is not a new idea in India. Cow milk and several cow-based products can help sustain farmers with low land-holding or even landless tribal families. This is a proven concept. Sevavardhini, along with partner organizations working with nomadic tribes and farmers with low land-holding have been working with this initiative for over 5 years.
गोदान - गोपालनातून शेतकरी समृद्धी #सेवावर्धिनी #Godan

Along with the donation of one cow of indigenous breed (देशी गाय), we also provide a detailed training for cow rearing, that covers various aspects, including caring for the cow, necessary vaccination and medication, diet, etc. It also covers making saleable products such as manure, dung-cakes, soaps, dhup and others. We also provide 1 year of insurance and provisions for fodder supply. After that, the recipient is expected to be self-sufficient to grow and multiply their flock.
This experiment has already proven to be successful among the nomadic tribes of Solapur and Osmanabad district and Sevavardhini would like to expand it. This has the potential to transform the lives of nomadic families who otherwise have a stigma attached to them. It can also prove to be a blessing by providing additional income for other low-income families in rural areas. In addition, it also helps conserve the fast depleting breed of indigenous cows and provides a life-line for the versatile animal.
We already have over 100 potential recipients identified for this initiative. One cow donation, along with accompanying training, 1-year fodder and insurance costs Rs. 40,000 only.
If you would like to support this initiative, please make use the Donate link and mention in the comments that it is for Go-dan program.
Your generous contributions to this noble cause will be highly appreciated.