A Fistful of Generosity

Sevavardhini    13-Jul-2023
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As per a 2019 Times of India report, India is home to nearly 2 crore orphans, and approximately 9500 registered orphanages to house them. India is also home to 728 officially registered, and many more unregistered, old-age homes. A concerning percentage of these orphanages and care homes are underfunded, which means that many of them cannot even afford to feed three square meals to the people in their care. With this worrisome phenomenon in mind, the Ek Mutthi Anaaj (A Fistful of Grain) initiative was formulated by the volunteers of the Sevavardhini Foundation.

As a part of this initiative, volunteers go to housing societies and collect donations of food grains, which are then distributed to orphanages and old-age homes across the city. They collect wheat, rice, and lentils from the housing societies that participate in this initiative. Their request is simple: donate just a fistful of grain so that no one has to sleep hungry ever again.

May 2023 was the 23rd month of the Ek Mutthi Anaaj initiative. In this month alone, 22,540 families from 54 housing societies contributed to donate a total of 3,293 kg of foodgrains. Over 470 generous volunteers – of which 76 were women – worked to popularize the initiative among their societies. The collected grains were handed over to two old-age homes in Pune – Shankar Maharaj Mandal Old Age Home (430 kg) and Karuneshwar Old Age Home (2864 kg).

If you or someone you know is interested in bringing this initiative to your housing society, please do reach out to us via WhatsApp on the following phone numbers: Manoj Upadhyay – 9850597704 Rahul Agarkar – 9822521181

If you wish to make a monetary contribution, please use the Donate link above.

Your generous contributions to this noble cause will be highly appreciated.