Solar pumping and Drip irrigation

Sevavardhini    20-Nov-2023
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This innovative project is sponsored by the Sansadiya Sankul Vikas Yojana, being implemented in the remote areas of various districts for the development of tribal. Sevavardhini is working on this project at Surgana (Dist. Nasik) and Nandurbar.

Under this program, solar-powered pumping is used to draw water from a perennial water source, and drip irrigation techniques are used to maximize the yield per drop of water. By combining these two approaches, we hope to maximize the benefits to the tribal community at the lowest possible operational cost.
Sevavardhini is partnering with Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), which is the funding partner, and Gram Oorja Solutions P. Ltd. is helping us with the implementation of the solar pumping solution. We also work with Yojak, which is coordinating the all-India implementation of this program.
This solution is replicable in many areas and has several advantages. To know more and support the scale-up of this program, do get in touch with us.
Some pictures of ongoing work are shown below.