Sevavardhini launches NGO Clinic to help voluntary organizations

Sevavardhini    22-Sep-2022
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The compliance requirements for voluntary organizations (NGO's) have been rapidly evolving over the past few years. The changes might be overwhelming for many, but there is no choice but to comply with prevailing regulations. Also, many organizations are struggling with issues like registration, accounting, raising resources, project management and other issues. 
Sevavardhini is committed to provide services to voluntary organizations for the past 25 years. Recognizing the growing needs of organizations, Sevavardhini is pleased to launch NGO clinic. This will help organizations get all the help they need from a single resource.
The online launch of NGO clinic is scheduled for 24th September. The details of the program are as below.
Date/Time: 24th September 2022 (Saturday) 4-5 pm
 Speakers: Advocate Rajeev Marathe and Mr. Shriram Patwardhan
Meeting ID: 88489359033
Passcode: ngoclinic
Facebook Live:
For questions/comments, please email: [email protected]