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Seva Vardhini    06-Jul-2022
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India has a great demographic advantage, with a large proportion of its population in the working age group. However, if people do not have gainful employment, this advantage can very well become a curse. In recent times, the pandemic has had a big impact on both urban and rural livelihoods. Restoration of sustainable livelihoods and the opportunity to lead a dignified existence is an important priority for the country and therefore for Sevavardhini too.

Our approach:
In the era of automation and rapid technology evolution, finding gainful employment is all about acquisition of skills and keeping up with the times. Self-employment is an important cog in the wheel. No matter what the state of technology, the economy will always have room for businesses which are relevant to the times.

For the past several years, Sevavardhini has been running a “Swavalamban” initiative. The main purpose of the initiative is to train rural and urban unemployed youth in skills relevant to the modern economy and prepare them for jobs as well as starting their own small ventures. The main features of Swalamaban are:

1. Comprehensive training curriculum designed with the help of experts
2. Assistance to participants for creation of business proposals during the program
3. Linkage with various government initiatives like SkillIndia, StartupIndia, PMEGP, SFURTI, Mudra, etc.
4. Individual coaching and mentoring to ensure effectiveness of the program

The typical funding requirements for one batch of Swavalamban are as follows.
 Activity  Approximate Cost
 Introductory programs for a urban or rural cluster to gain interest and invite registrations  Rs. 5 lakhs (0.5 million)
 Training for 4 batches of Swavalamban program  Rs. 25 lakhs (2.5 million)
 Support from experts for proposal making and applications for financing for a batch of 100 budding entrepreneurs Rs. 10 lakhs (1 million) 
If you wish to support the livelihood generation initiative, do get in touch with us: Contact Us