Adolescent Education

Seva Vardhini    06-Jul-2022
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Adolescence is defined by World Health Organization (WHO) as the period between childhood and adulthood i.e. from 10-19 years of age. According to the 2011 Census data, adolescent males (10.13%) and adolescent females (9.07%) add up to 19.20% of the total population of India. According to a UNICEF report titled the ‘State of the World’s Children 2011,’ India has the largest population of adolescents in the world.
Adolescents are a positive force for a nation and are responsible for its future prosperity, provided they develop in a healthy manner. There is an urgent need to develop a platform that will make an Indian adolescents (kishor) feel safe and valued, thereby engaging her/his energy towards self-development and progress of the society and nation.
Sevavardhini approach:
In Maharashtra, more than 100 NGOs are working on projects related to development of adolescents. All of them aim for betterment of adolescents and work in their preferred ways to make their dreams come true. Sevavardhini aims to bring all these NGOs together and channelize their efforts to develop the adolescents more efficiently. If these NGOs come together, large number of adolescents can be reached out and this ensures success of the program.

A Kishor Sarvangeen Vikas Centre is essentially a common platform for all adolescents to share, interact, learn and open up to their ‘KishorMitra’. The goals of the program are to:

  • Develop resilience within adolescents
  • Work through peer groups.
  • Make it the responsibility of adults
  • Inculcate values and critical thinking
  • Make technology and resources available.
  • Use existing mechanisms effectively.
  • Build a youth driven system.
Kishormitra training:
Kishormitra is the core resource in this program and they need to be enabled in coaching the adolescents. The training would comprise of:
- Basic teaching skills, understanding adolescents, self-development skills, Knowledge and Attitude for a coach.
- Developing contact base into his/her respective area and tackle unique situations with help of these expertise.
- Case studies and teach back sessions to carry out role plays for situations that the Kishor-mitra’s will face.
The Kishor mitra’s will facilitate workshops for with teenagers present in rural, tribal as well as urban areas. This workshop helps adolescents cope with the physical, emotional and social changes.
The following table gives illustrative costs associated with the activities of this program. If you wish to support the adolescent education program, please Contact Us 

 Activity Approximate Cost 
 Training and enabling a batch of 15 Kishor-Mitras  Rs. 1 lakh (0.1 million)
 Calendar of activities for 12 adolescent education workshops (1 year)  Rs. 5 lakhs (0.5 million)