Jaldoots trained by Sevavardhini are transforming their villages through water management

Seva Vardhini    28-Jul-2022
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Background: Jaldoot 2.0 is an ambitious program being led by Sevavardhini, in partnership with 20 other partner organizations. Supported by Atlas Copco, it aims to enable 25 villages across the length and breadth of the state in water management.

What is happening on the ground right now: Work on project interventions is in progress in 22 villages and in planning for 3 others. Some pictures are below.
Abhone Tanda (Tal. Chalisgaon, Dist. Jalgaon)
Abhone Tanda Jaldoot Project 
Kanadgaon (Tal. Rahuri, Dist. Ahmednagar) 

Kanadgaon Jaldoot Project