Surveys and Assessments

Seva Vardhini    25-Jun-2022
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Sevavardhini believes that any development activity has to be based upon detailed study and analysis of data. Proper due diligence enables greater impact of such activities. Sevavardhini has gathered plenty of expertise in using tried and tested tools and techniques of data collection and analysis. Some of the commonly used tools are:
Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA): 
PRA is a well known tool used to quickly gather information about rural communities with widespread engagement and participation from the people. The method was developed by Robert Chambers.
PRA uses 8 to 10 different ways to collect data about the village – including seasonal calendars, village map, venn diagrams, wealth and well-being diagrams, etc.
Sevavardhini has used the tool in several projects and has found that it provides tremendous clarity on the problem statements and ensures active engagement from the community. We can help facilitate PRA surveys for development work.