Vision & Mission

Seva Vardhini    04-Mar-2021
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Building of a vigorous society through cohesive efforts of social organizations along with devoted & committed voluntary workers.
• Empowerment of voluntary initiatives.
• Striving for social upliftment through co-operation and with the help of development-oriented programs.
• Developing atmosphere of social trust through peoples’ participation.
Our values:
• Total dedication and devotion to work.
• Transparency.
• Techno Managerial Approach
• National integration & harmony
• Impartiality as regards race, religion, caste, creed, colour, place of origin, age, education or gender.
• Compliance to all necessary statutory and regulatory norms.
To support, encourage and ground level voluntary organization working for enriching the livelihood of millions of our countrymen through practicable innovative solution in various sectors of social development A detailed profile of Sevavardhini covering background of the Institute with its work experience so far, projects completed successfully and its Organizational Chart is as follows.