Publication of Sevavardhini’s booklet, “Jalmanthan” in Jalsanwaad- 2019 at the hands of Honorable Shree Bhaiyajji Joshi, Sarkaryavah, RSS

Sevavardhini    08-Feb-2019

Publication of Sevavardhini’s booklet, “Jalmanthan” in Jalsanwaad- 2019 held KBCNM University, Jalgaon

Jalsanwaad, a one day colloquium of people working for finding solutions to the water related issues, like draught, water scarcity, watershed development etc. was held on 1st Feb. 2019, in the campus of Kavayitree Bahinabai Choudhari North Maharashtra University. The event was jointly organized by Mahatma PhuleKrishiPratishthan, Aurangabad and KBCNM University, Jalgaon. Honorable Shree Bhaiyajji Joshi, Sarkaryavah, RSS, was present as a chief guest for the event. Hon. V. C. KBCNM University and president for the event Dr. P. P. Patil was also present with DevagiriPrantSanghchalak Shree MadhukarJadhav, Dr. S. N. Patil, Dr. S. T. Ingale, PashchimkshetraSevapramukh, Prof. Dr. Upendra Kulkarni and President of Mahatma PhuleKrishiPratishthan, Aurangabad, Shree ManojKank. Shree Ganesh Barangale represented Sevavardhini at the event.

In an inaugural session, Prof. S. N. Patil elaborated the issues related to water scarcity and also introduced Mahatma PhuleKrishiPratishthan, Aurangabad. Shree SarjeraoWagh, Devgiriprantpramukh explained the perspective and significance of the event. Book release of “Jalmanthan”, a handbook on watershed management, was held at this event at auspicious hands of dignitaries. Jalmanthan is written to be a handbook for individuals and organizations who are working in watershed management.

mongst the dignitaries, Shree Upendra Kulkarni spoke about water scarcity and solutions. While Hon. V.C. Dr. P. P. Patil elaborated on global scenario and need of watershed management. He also ensured that University will support the efforts of Jalsanwad and JalParishad regarding watershed development.

While conclusing the session Respected Bhaiyyaji addressed ‘Jalsevaks’, village level volunteers working in water related issues, saying that as the clouds are messengers of rain and prosperity in sky, similarlythese ‘Jalsevaks’ are messengers of prosperity through efficient management of water resource on the land. The messengers in sky should now be friend with these messengers on land, thereby making the lands prosperous through appropriate management of water resource. Today the mismanagement of water resource has led to aggravation of water related issues.

He further added that to make Bharat prosperous and fertile, the community should now take an initiative and should keep a futuristic vision. People should trust and have faith in their paths once chosen, however tough and troublesome it is. He reminded the youths the story of ‘Bhagirath’ who did every effort to succeed in his goals.