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A) Water conservation :

We are working in this filed for last 5to 6 years in Pune, Satara, Sangali ,Kolhapur,Yavatmal, Amaravati ,Buldhana, Ahemadnagar and Jalgaon districts of Maharashtra. Scientific study is conducted on Geology, Soil, flow of water bodies. To make this initiatives sustainable sevavardhini has ensure peoples participations by way of monitory contribution and shramdan.
B) Jaldoot : “A Water Messenger”

This is the path breaking project initiated and completed by Sevardhini with the help of CSR fund. To create awareness about use of water , water conservation projects, and their sustainability creation of a karyakarta well inform technically and socially at grass root level was the special feature of this project. 21 NGOs in 14 districts of Maharashtra with 40 Jaldoots participated in 6 Training sessions throughout the year. We are also able to complete 25 interventions identified by these Jaldoots. The project was much appreciated by Atlas Copco the CSR funding company, Hon. Revenue Minister , Mr.Chandrakant Patil and Hon. Minister Water conservation Government of Maharashtra. Mr. Ram Shinde .
C) Sina Basin Development Project

Sina basin is considered to be in deficit permanently, meaning thereby that minimum demand of water for Agriculture, domestic and Industrial use is much higher than the available water. Government has tried to reduce this deficit by making available water from Bhima basin. Many projects are in progress. However Chitale commission has expressed in 1999 that this deficit cannot be wiped out completely even after completion of ongoing and proposed projects. Such is the intensity of the deficit. Sevavardhini has decided to undertake study of this basin which covers Ahamednagar, Beed, Osmandabad, Solapur districts of Maharashtra. We are now collecting information of ongoing and completed projects, collecting maps visiting villages in all the concern districts and meeting people. Based on this information Sevavardhini is planning awareness and training programs followed by intervention to make at least drinking water available.
D) Projects on Suicidal trend of Farmers

People talked a lot about Suicide of Farmers. Unfortunately social activist also concentrate on Anti Suicide Morchas, loan waiver movements or generate agitations to establish their leadership only. Nobody really wants to find out the root cause behind these suicides and find our sustainable solutions to avoid them and ultimately empower famers in the long run. Sevavardhini has observed that these farmers need only marginal amount say Rs . Twenty thousand to Rs. Twenty five thousand at beginning of the season , for this small amount also farmers are forced to beg to local moneylenders at exorbitant rate of interest leading to exploitation and many social evils. If we could make some self generation arrangements to make available this small funds to the farmers, this suicidal trend can be arrested. We planned to start this activity in Beed and Yavatmal the suicide prone districts of Maharashtra.
E) Participatory Rural Development - Samarth Gram

Historically Indian villages were self reliant and prospering. There was harmony amongst various communities as they were mutually dependent. However during the period of British rule and even after independence, in the name of progress , individual development this mutual dependence was lost. Leading to dilapidated state of Agriculture, loss of Jobs at villages and concentration in cities.

Sevavardhini desired to rejuvenate this mutual dependency and glory of villages by involving people at all levels, make them think about ways to take corrective actions, identify problems and prioritizing them. 5 / 10 villages in around pune have identified initially to carry out a pilot project.

F) Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundations ( BRLF)

BRLF is an organization established under the Rural Development Ministry of Maharashtra. Sevavardhini in association with BRLF is working is Solapur and Osmanabad districts for Empowerment of selected 500 families of de -notified Tribes.
G) Adolescence Problems and Development

In the Maharashtra many organizations are working on Adolescence problem and each one is dealing with one aspect or the other of this problem. Sevavardhini will work as catalyst in association with likeminded organization working in this field desires to create common curriculum so as to achieve standardization of activities on a larger scale. Kishor / Kishori Mitras will be trained to deal effectively in Adolescent groups. Sevavardhini intends to open Adolescent counseling centers at each district in the near future.