Water Conservation Plan at Vangini Pune

MVWebsite1    15-Mar-2018

Vangani, the village is situated near the ancient forts viz. Rajagad and Torana. Velhe tehasil is situated in the mountain ranges of Sahyadri in western ghats. Sevavardhini is working with villageres to identify drout problem at Vangani.
Population of village is 2153 through 544 families. There is no Primary health center, Bank or credit society. But it does have facilities such as Anganwadi, secondary school, library, young people group called Tarun mandal and gymnasium as well. Office of Grampanchayat and Talathis is in the village. There are two hamlets nearby called Vanganeechee vaste and other is Dhanagar vasti .
Of these Dhanagar vasti is 4 kms from Vangani and situated on the cliff of Sahyadri. As indicated by the village name, there are 20 families of shepherd having profession such as agriculture and animal husbandry. Population of 125 faces acute water shortage during the summer. Velhe tehasil receives good seasonal rains averaging 2700 mm per year. Due to absence of water conservation facility, the huge quantity of water flows to the river resulting in scarcity of water, which these hamlets face from onset of December. During the period ranging from March to May, people bring water all the way from 4 km. These facts came on surface when Sevavardhini visited this place.
As mentioned above ,the hamlet is situated on the cliff and receives annual rain fall to the tune of 2700 mm. The huge quantity of water runs through the streams and rivers resulting in land erosion and the people face water shortage from the onset of December as well. With a view to find solution to this problem Sevavardhini has prepared a plan with advice and guidelines from the water experts.
Samasya Samadhan Yojana
1. To dig a trench along the side of water tank which will be instrumental in charging the tank with water.
2. To prevent the seepage of water which takes place along the side of tank and slope of the hill.
3. To increase the depth of tank.