Plastic and E-Waste Free Pune

MVWebsite1    15-Mar-2018
Rakshabandhan is celebrated on a mass scale as a symbol of security and responsibility of Family and fellow beings.
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh also gives a message of social security across the country.
This year under the concept of Social Rakshabandhan (Samajik Rakshabandhan), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is organising an awareness camp along with a action plan to solve a social issue. One of the important parts of our country's protection is the Conservation of Environment.
E-Waste and Plastic Waste are the issues which are haunting our society from the perspective of Conservation of Environment.
To resolve this issue RSS volunteers from Pune with the help of active participation of Punekar citizens are arranging 'E-Waste n Plastic Free Pune' campain from 18 August to 28 August 2016.
Kindly request you all to take part in this campaign by actual collection of E-waste n plastic waste from our homes & surroudings and to do scientific process on it.


Ravindra Vanjarwadkar
Pune Mahanagar Sanghachalak