Kolwadi PRA

MVWebsite1    15-Mar-2018
On January 16-17-18 Sevavardhini conducted PRA at Kolwadi in Pune district. A report has been prepared on the basis of the data collected, processed and interpreted. Sevavardhini is thankful to Kolwadi Gram Panchayat for giving this opportunity to conduct survey and training. Sevavardhini expects that this report will fulfill village's requirement.
Sevavardhini is always available at the service for further follow-up action on this report. We extend our special thanks to the young and energetic people of Klewadi who always have a positive attitude. We are thankful to the Sarpanch and Gram Panchayat members of Kolwadi and the villages who participated in Mahal Pheri (मशाल फेरी), Prabhat Pheri (प्रभात फेरी), Transact Walk (शिवार फेरी) and other PRA tools very actively. We also thank the families who extended their wholehearted cooperation.